Benefits in a Nutshell

It’s not just customers that get benefits from stockinstore™


By implementing stockinstore™ you’ll be creating better experiences for anyone and everyone who touches your business.


More sales & foot traffic to stores


More sales. Less costs. Quick ROI.


Quick and easy implementation

eCommerce Manager

Increase online conversion rate


Invaluable access to demand reporting to move stock where it’s actually needed

Customer Service

Fewer calls and emails = Better productivity


Bringing the best of the online and offline worlds together

In the retail industry, everything from the experience to the product really matters. It all leads to the one thing that we care about – the results.
And at stockinstore™, we’ve got you covered.

Location based shopping

Location based shopping

Customers want to do their shopping in a store near them, meaning you'll see an increase in store sales and lower inventory transportation costs - no more sending items from store to store.

Drive traffic to your stores using online

Drive traffic to your stores using online

stockinstore™ drives foot-traffic by sending your online window shoppers in store to find the products they're looking for. In fact, once you've installed stockinstore™, you'll start seeing a ROI within a week.

No additional staff required

No additional staff required

Our technology requires no extra staff to manage it! In addition to this, it also reduces enquiries about stock availability, freeing up time for your busy customers service team. Meaning more confident staff that are equipped with information and an increase in productivity.

Track and report on KPIs

Track & report on KPIs

You'll receive valuable reporting data from your stockinstore™ technology, which will help with inventory mapping, buying, boosting and growing your sales even more in the future, which is what we're really all about.

A set and forget service

A set & forget service

We offer a set and forget service that only takes two weeks to implement on your website, and works with all eCommerce platforms and Point of Sale systems - giving you more time to focus on your business.

Create a sense of urgency

Create a sense of urgency

stockinstore™ creates a sense of urgency among your customers. Now that they can see what stock is in your store, they're more likely to snap it up quickly if there isn't much left. And if there isn't any, they buy it online. Plus, we guarantee at least 5% conversion rate when stockinstore™ is used*.