Find out how retailers benefit from stockinstore®


Create better experiences for everyone inside your business.


More sales & foot traffic to stores


More sales. Less costs. Quick ROI.


Quick and easy implementation

eCommerce Manager

Increase online conversion rate


Make the most of your stock. Move it to where it’s needed most with our real-time demand-driven report.

Customer Service

Fewer calls and emails = Better productivity


It all comes down to results. At stockinstore® we’ve got you covered.
Location based shopping

Location Based Shopping

82% of people want to shop in a store nearby. You will see an increase in store sales, less time wasted by store staff asking about stock availability in another store on busy days. Lower your inventory transportation costs - no more sending items from store to store.

Drive traffic to your stores using online

Use Online to Drive Traffic to Stores

stockinstore® drives foot-traffic by sending your online window shoppers in store to find the products they're looking for. In fact, once you've installed stockinstore™, you'll start seeing a ROI within a week.

No additional staff required

No Extra Staff Required

In fact, we will reduce the amount of work for your customer service team by almost eliminating enquiries about stock availability. Focus on what really counts, branding, assisting customers with real issues & increasing sales.

Track and report on KPIs

KPIs" Track & Report

Invaluable insight into customer demand for your products. Reports to help with inventory management, buying and sales. It's all emailed to the people who need it most on in your business; on demand, daily, weekly or monthly.

stock in store is a set and forget service

A Set & Forget Service

We offer a set and forget service that we will setup for you in 2 weeks. No complicated plug-ins. We designed it to work with every eCommerce platform and Point of Sale system - giving you more time to focus on your business.

Create a sense of urgency

Create a Sense of Urgency

Because customers can see if a product is or isn't available in a store nearby, stockinstore® creates a sense of urgency. And if there's limited or no stock in a store nearby, your customers WILL buy it online. That's why online conversion rates, when stockinstore® is used, is at least 5x your website's average.