stockinstore made the following enhancement and bug fixes across all clients.

1. Admin Area

Billing section (Ref # 104491)

All clients can now login to their stockinstore admin area and download their monthly invoice.

  • Login to the stockinstore administration area
  • Select Settings > Billing Details
  • stockinstore invoices by month will be listed. Select the download icon to download the PDF invoice for each month.

Icons (Ref # 116438)

We changed some of the icons used throughout the stockinstore administration area.

Default # of Stores (Ref # 116567)

We have changed the initial default setting (from 5 to 3) on some reports using # stores to display. The number of stores to use in the reports  can be changed by the admin user.

Bug Fixes

Reporting (Ref #114414)

Fixed a bug where reports did not work when a selecting date range of same day (today/Yesterday).

You can now report on a single day, if desired and the report will always include the data for the end date.


Throttle Management (Ref # 109827)

To reduce DB load during import processing, we have now added a customisable throttling ability.