(Originally published on retail.org.au/, May 4, 2018)

Create a better shopping experience

Retailers lose sales every day when customers walk into store and find the item they are looking for is not available. This happens 60% of the time, and they leave disappointed in the brand and with their shopping experience. If you don’t believe it, let us paint you a picture.

A story about your customer Sarah

Sarah decides to indulge in some online shopping while waiting for her friend at a café. She’s attending an event this weekend and is still looking for the perfect dress. While looking for some inspiration on Instagram, Sarah discovers a new Melbourne boutique and falls in love with a $300 red lace dress.

Like 82%* of shoppers, Sarah prefers to try before she buys. She wants to feel the fabric and isn’t sure about the size and fit. She navigates to the ‘store locator’ on the boutique’s website and finds her nearest store just as her friend joins her at the café. Sarah knows her only chance to try on the dress will be after work today.

She arrives at the store later that afternoon only to be told by the retail assistant the dress is not available in her size. Sarah can’t wait for her product to be transferred from another store and having it delivered to her house defeats the purpose of trying it on before buying.