In the modern retail age, retailers are realizing that moving towards omni-channel commerce is a must to keep up with customer expectations.

Everyone is talking about Omni-Channel retailing, but what is it really??

Omni-channel commerce is a customer centric solution that offers multiple purchase options. Having the customer as the center of the solution means that all channels can be purchased from, including retail stores, e-commerce sites, mobile, mail order, over the phone or via in-store screen based ordering systems. The customer can purchase how they want, via any channel and still receive the service they expect regardless of channel used. To achieve this level of integration, it is best to look at the different behaviors of how your customer is purchasing and aligning your business to assist these customers. Aligning your business to customer behavior is the best omni channel solution.

Currently the majority of customers research online, before purchasing in-store. This number varies from 50-80% in developed countries and represents the most common buying behavior. Many retailers could assist these buyers further by using a stockinstore system to get the buyers into the retail stores who have stock of these items. When stock is sold out in the local stores, the buyers know while they are online and can purchase the item online. Retailers running stockinstore, increase their conversion rates online and in-store. These extra orders can more than double their online stores sales and also reduce the stock of limited edition pieces that end up in clearance outlets, as the customers find the last items themselves using stockinstore.

As promised here are 3 simple steps to achieving Omni Channel Commerce:

  1. Make sure your retail stores and online stores are cross promoting sales rather than competing for sales
  2. Marketing spend targeting sales via all channels
  3. Consider the behaviour of your buyers and provide them with the information that they want using stockinstore

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