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Drive online browsers in-store with Google’s Free Local Inventory Listings (LIL). We do the heavy lifting, creating your feeds and verifying them with Google. As a trusted Google Partner, we can get your stores and products visible hassle-free.

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Intersport partners with stockinstore as their Omni Channel eCommerce solutions provider on Shopify Plus
City Beach partners with stockinstore as their Omni Channel Retail eCommerce solutions provider on Shopify Plus
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stockinstore See What's In Store Local Inventory Listings (LIL) by stockinstore

Grow your stores’ Local Visibility

Searches for ‘shopping near me’ have soared by 300% in the last 2 years. Make sure you show up with product availability in a store nearby and be front of mind with local shoppers.

stockinstore is Google’s Local Inventory Feed Partner for APAC

We’re proud to be one of a handful of companies globally who are a pre-approved Google LIL partner. What does this mean for you?

Drive and Measure Online to Offline

This guide helps retailers to leverage LIL to drive foot traffic into physical stores at the right moment when shopping intent is at its peak.

Why use Local Inventory Listings on Google?

Local Inventory Listings make your business appear for more local customers more often by automatically displaying your products on Google. Showcase products, store information, and a direct link to the product page for purchase. It’s the perfect way to attract new customers.

Real-time inventory

Immediately show customers if the product they are searching for is in stock nearby.

Increase foot traffic

Tap into consumer demand and bring those customers to your store.

Go digital

Put your local stores online using a Google-hosted store front.

Grow online traffic

Direct Google searchers to your eCommerce store, if you have one.

Local visibility

Make your business appear for more local shoppers searching online

Easy integration

Use your existing stockinstore product feed. No set up needed.

Monitor demand

Combine Google LIA reports with stockinstore’s reporting suite to measure consumer demand.

Measurable ROI

Track the impact of your ads on foot traffic and in-store sales.

See what’s in-store

Google’s See What’s in Store feature allows shoppers to browse your stores stock from their phone or laptop

Be seen everywhere

Appear across Google Search, Google Maps, Google Images and Google Assistant.

Streamlined verification

Bypass Google’s lengthy verification process with stockinstore and get your feeds up and running in no time.

Appear at the top of Google’s searches

Capture shoppers searching for products like yours nearby; e.g: ‘black dress near me’ or ‘running shoes near me’.

Integrates with all major platforms

Our solutions have been developed to integrate with all leading e-Commerce platforms and POS/ERP systems. Don’t see yours on the list? Don’t worry – we’ll integrate as part of your setup.

How it looks

Where do LILs show up?

Each search type represents a unique opportunity to capture the attention of potential customers at different stages of their shopping journey.
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Find out why leading brands choose stockinstore

stockinstore’s omnichannel solutions help Retailers, Franchises and Wholesalers provide customers with better shopping experience and streamline business processes. Here are some of their stories.
Intersport partners with stockinstore as their omni channel retail provider with Click & Collect, Ship from Store, Find in Store and Google Local Inventory Ads
After implementing member fulfilment with stockinstore's Ship from Store solution, INTERSPORT Australia then integrated stockinstore's Click & Collect solution.
Oxford Shop attempted to develop an internal solution but encountered overwhelming complexities and unexpected delays. Realising the magnitude of the task, they turned to stockinstore.
How Toyworld achieved a 118% boost in online conversion rates with stockinstore’s omni channel fulfilment solutions
How Toyworld achieved a 118% boost in online conversion rates with stockinstore’s omni channel fulfilment solutions


Google Local Inventory Listings (LIL) is a feature that allows retailers to showcase their in-store product inventory directly on Google Search and Google Maps. It helps customers find specific products available at nearby physical stores.
Working with Google can be finicky. Our LIL integration is specifically designed to meet the requirements of Google and bring all your necessary businesses information together in the easiest way possible. This way, getting your listings live faster and easier.
You should include details like product name, price, availability, store location, and images for each product in your inventory. Accurate and up-to-date information is crucial for a successful LIL campaign.
Google uses various factors to determine which products to display, including the user’s search query, location, and the relevance of your product data. Google’s algorithms aim to show the most relevant products to the user.
Yes, you can promote specific products or deals through LIL by creating local inventory ads. These ads allow you to highlight specific products, offer discounts, and attract more local customers to your store.
LIL is available on both mobile and desktop devices. Users can access local inventory information through Google Search and Google Maps on various platforms, including Android and iOS.
Google provides analytics and reporting tools within the Google Merchant Center to track the performance of your LIL campaign. You can monitor metrics like clicks, impressions, and conversion rates to assess the effectiveness of your listings.
Running LIL is free from Google. To get the feeds up, verify them and manage your feeds, we charge a small amount for setup and per store and update. There may also be advertising costs associated with local inventory ads if you choose to promote your products using this feature.
Working with Google can be tricky, so we make it easier. Our solution syncs your inventory data with Google Merchant Center, making it a breeze to manage and update your inventory in real-time. This means that your customers can easily find the products they’re looking for at your physical store locations. By using stockinstore’s easy to implement integration, you’ll be able to run successful local inventory listings that drive more foot traffic to your stores, making you the talk of the town!
We work with all major platforms and systems, get in touch and we will help you get LIL up and running without you doing the heavy lifting.
LIL can help increase foot traffic to your physical store, boost online visibility, and connect you with local shoppers actively searching for products you offer. It also enhances the customer’s shopping experience by providing real-time inventory information. You will also be visible to new customers looking for products like your in areas where you have physical stores.
To maintain accurate data, regularly update your product information in the Google Merchant Center, and sync it with your in-store inventory systems. Timely updates are essential to prevent discrepancies between online listings and in-store availability.
Absolutely! stockinstore’s Google Local Inventory Listings solution can help you drive more foot traffic to your physical stores by reaching customers who are searching for products nearby. Google Local Inventory Listings can help customers to find your physical stores and the products they are looking for, which can increase foot traffic and sales. Our solution provides accurate and up-to-date information about your product inventory in nearby stores, which can help customers to make informed purchase decisions and improve their overall shopping experience.
Many leading retailers have implemented the stockinstore store locator tool. These include T2 Tea, Sportsgirl, Nutrition Warehouse, 2XU, INTERSPORT, City Beach, Tentworld, and many more!…

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