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Keeping Your Stores Trading Hours Updated​

Say goodbye to manually updating store trading hours for public holidays or special periods throughout the year. Keep your trading hours up-to-date all the time across your stores with stockinstore’s Special Trading Hours module.

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Take the hassle out of managing holiday trading hours

Take the hassle out of managing holiday trading hours

Discover a more efficient way to update store trading hours for special days and holidays. Inform customers of any changes to your opening hours across your entire store network in just a few clicks.

Loved by your staff

With our Special Trading Hours module, staff simply set up custom trading hours for a set period in advance. Once the period is over, your opening hours will automatically switch back – no manual involvement necessary.

Loved by your staff

The solution leading retailers use
to manage special trading hours

Save your staff the headache of updating opening times for public holidays or special days. stockinstore’s Special Trading Hours module is a quick and painless way to maintain special trading hours online.ery times, move idle stock and increase profit with stockinstore’s Ship from Store solution.

Custom hours

Set store trading hours in advance for special days or public holidays.

Set and forget

When the period is over, stockinstore automatically reverts to standard hours without you needing to do anything.

Recurring dates

Get rid of repetitive updates by setting annual holiday trading hours to recur every year.

Pre-defined holidays

Global and local holidays are already set up and ready for you to customise in stockinstore.

One admin

Update trading hours all platforms from a single stockinstore admin. Supports Find in Store, Click & Collect, Where to Buy, and Store Locator.

Save hours

Eliminate the tedious task of manually updating trading hours across every platform for special holidays.

Reduce inaccuracies

Keep shoppers happy with accurate and up-to-date store trading hours no matter where they search.

Manage expectations

Ensure customers know exactly when you’ll be open for business over special days and holidays.

Integrates with all major platforms

Our solutions have been developed to integrate with all leading e-Commerce platforms and POS/ERP systems. Don’t see yours on the list? Don’t worry – we’ll integrate as part of your setup.


To make sure you never miss another sale! Let your customers shop the way they want to, be it using our ‘Find in Store’ or ‘Click & Collect / Pick Up In Store’ or ‘My Nearest eDM Widget’ solutions… we’ll help convert your online browsing into physical sales.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Almost every retailer has stock integrity issues. It’s certainly not easy keeping track of everything! We’ve created two solutions to overcome this.

1. A threshold system customisable by store and by individual SKU.

2. An algorithm that predicts stock availability.

Yes, the stockinstore solutions were designed to work with every eCommerce, Point of Sale or ERP system. Our mission is for stockinstore to be accessible and easy for everyone.

No stress! We do the integration, not your developers. Our ‘Find in Store’ solution was designed so you only have to add six (6) lines of code to your website’s product page. We handle the rest! For ‘Click & Collect’ there may be some web development required from your end, depending on what eCommerce platform you use. However we’ll be there every step of the way to assist. ‘My Nearest eDM widget’ is fast to implement too. Get up and running in just 1 day.

That’s ok. We designed stockinstore so the data can come from multiple systems.

Why build it yourself or pay (a lot) for your agency to, when there are ready-made solutions that can do the hard yard for you? Forget about the cost of upgrades, and updates too. stockinstore will save you time, cash and resources. We’ve already spent thousands of hours assessing problems and perfecting solutions to overcome them. We’ve already got the data to prove we convert sales more often.

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How Toyworld achieved a 118% boost in online conversion rates with stockinstore’s omni channel fulfilment solutions
How Toyworld achieved a 118% boost in online conversion rates with stockinstore’s omni channel fulfilment solutions

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