Find in Store for Wholesalers

Connect Shoppers With Your Stockists​

Show shoppers which stockists carry the product/s they’re looking for. stockinstore’s revolutionary Find in Store for Wholesalers solution helps wholesalers and manufacturers increase brand awareness, grow revenue, and maximise sales with existing stockists.

Trusted by leading brands

A game-changer for wholesalers & manufacturers

A game-changer for wholesalers & manufacturers

Reduce customer frustration and customer service enquiries by directing shoppers to stockists that sell the products they’re interested in and, more importantly, which ones have never stocked it.

Simple set-and-forget solution

Our team will work with you to set up an automated solution that has been designed for the complexities of a wholesaler’s / manufacturer’s business model.
Simple set-and-forget solution
Powerful insights into customer demand

Powerful insights into customer demand

Go beyond showing stock availability. Use shopper insights to make better business decisions and improve relationships with stockists, thanks to our unique reporting suite.

A Find in Store for Wholesalers solution designed for
wholesalers & manufacturers

All the features you need, all in one easy-to-use platform. Grow your business and maximise sales with our leading Find in Store for Wholesalers solution.

Customer experience

Allow customers to see which retailers stock the items they’re interested in and which retailers have never stocked the item.

Fewer enquiries

Reduce the need for customers to call stockists to search for the product they want.

Simple set-up

Start displaying real stock availability in as little as two weeks, and see ROI in one week.

Expand your network

Grow your presence with stockists in areas you know have high customer demand.

User flexibility

Set and manage customer expectations with customisable thresholds.

Track results

Measure how effective your marketing campaigns are at driving enquiries, foot traffic, and sales.

Unique insights

Increase revenue with existing stockists by showing them the sales opportunities they’ve missed.

Scalable solutions

At just $2 per month per retailer, our Where to Buy solution is affordable for wholesalers of all sizes.

Integrates with all major platforms

Our solutions have been developed to integrate with all leading e-Commerce platforms and POS/ERP systems. Don’t see yours on the list? Don’t worry – we’ll integrate as part of your setup.

How It Looks

See Find in Store for Wholesalers in action

Join global wholesalers and manufacturers benefiting from stockinstore’s unique Find in Store for Wholesalers solution.
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We get how important branding is, that’s why we’ve made it customisable to suite your brand guidelines.

In our view it’s better that the customer buys from you, be it on your website or with your stockists than buying from a competitor. Secondly, our ‘Find in Store for Wholesalers’ solution actually helps increase your online conversion as when a customer sees that an item they want is not available at a store nearby, they more often buy it online directly from you!
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How Toyworld achieved a 118% boost in online conversion rates with stockinstore’s omni channel fulfilment solutions

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