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Drive Shoppers Into The Right Stores

Looking for a solution that’s fast to implement, flexible, affordable and scalable? With stockinstore, start showing real-time product availability on your website and driving customers to your stores.

Trusted by leading brands

LSKD partners with stockinstore as their Omni Channel Retail eCommerce solution provider for Shopify Plus
Kookai partners with stockinstore as their Omni Channel eCommerce solutions provider on Shopify Plus
Coach partners with stockinstore as their Omni Channel Retail eCommerce solution provider for Salesforce Commerce Cloud
2XU partners with stockinstore as their Omni Channel Retail eCommerce solution provider for Shopify
Aquila partners with stockinstore as their Omni Channel Retail eCommerce solution provider for BigCommerce
The North Face partners with stockinstore as their Omni Channel Retail eCommerce solutions provider on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

For retailers & franchises of any size and complexity

We know every retailer and franchise is unique. That’s why we built stockinstore to be flexible to the specific needs and structures of your business.

A better experience for your customers

Gain a competitive advantage by letting customers shop how they want to shop. With real-time stock visibility, your shoppers will never be left wondering whether an item’s available. And happy customers = happy retailers.

Show online shoppers real time product availability in stores nearby with stockinstore's Find in Store
stockinstore's customer demand data reporting helps drive better business decisions

Unique real-time reports and insights

stockinstore does more than show product availability. With our reporting suite, you’ll have all the information you need to manage your inventory to maximise sales.

Discover why leading brands
use Find in Store by stockinstore

As a multi-channel solution for retailers and franchises, Find in Store increases eCommerce conversion rates, in-store sales, and improves inventory management and forecasting.

Multi-channel sales

Drive ready-to-buy customers into stores and measure the impact of campaigns online and offline.

Flexible and affordable

Month-to-month plans with no lock-ins, ongoing support, and virtually no set-up costs. .

Fast implementation

Get up and running in 2 weeks and see ROI in one week or less.

More online sales

Customers are 5x more likely to shop online when an item is showing as unavailable in their nearest store.

Set and forget

stockinstore will do all the integration work on your behalf.

Fewer enquiries

Reduce time spent chasing up stock availability enquiries in-store and at Head Office.

Invaluable insights

Guide future decision-making with reporting on product-specific customer demand by store.

Happier customers

Delight customers and improve satisfaction with fewer out-of-stock situations.

Better visibility

Improve inventory management and plan ahead with better future range planning and buying.

Easily scalable

Find in Store scales to your business needs without any additional web or technical resources.

International and multi-national

Support for multiple stores in all the countries where you operate.

New website?

Quickly port Find in Store to a new eCommerce platform or site.

Ongoing improvements

Benefit from updates and enhancements to improve the customer experience.

Build trust

Strengthen the relationship between Head Office and stores.

Integrates with all major platforms

Our solutions have been developed to integrate with all leading e-Commerce platforms and POS/ERP systems. Don’t see yours on the list? Don’t worry – we’ll integrate as part of your setup.

How it looks

See Find in Store in action

Take a look at how our Find in Store solution helps retailers bring more customers into their shopfront.

Play Video about How it looks FIS Billini


Any retailer with an online store and at least one bricks and mortar store will benefit from ‘Find in Store’. Whatever your size, you still get customers walking in looking for an item they’ve seen online, only to discover it’s unavailable or sold out. That’s a lost sale right there.

Other solutions are usually built to show customers if items are either available or unavailable – which isn’t enough and results in lost sales. Our solution is designed to increase sales online and in-store by giving customers the transparency they now expect.

These stores can be included in your search results with a message such as “call store to confirm”. We can customise this to your preference.

Fast. Flexible. Affordable. Scalable.

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