stockinstore is beginning 2024 with a big splash, welcoming Global Surf Industries to our ever-growing crew.

We are stoked to be their chosen omnichannel retail solutions provider, powering Find in store for Wholesalers and Store Locator. We’re creating a seamless and engaging shopping experience for surf enthusiasts around the globe.

Who are Global Surf Industries?

Founded in 2002 by Mark Kelly, Global Surf Industries is the world’s premier distributor of surfboards available in over 500+ locations across Australia, New Zealand, the US, and Canada. Recognized as the go-to destination for top-notch products in the surf and stand-up paddle scene, GSI is synonymous with quality and expertise.

The perfect fit

Global Surf Industries’ unique product offerings were a perfect fit for our omnichannel solutions — think high-ticket, bulky gear, and specialty items that call for an in-person chat with a seasoned pro rather than a digital scroll.

Our Find in Store for Wholesalers and Store Locator solution are set to make the shopping experience even more convenient for Global Surf Industries’ customers. The business can ensure that shoppers easily find their products available at a nearby dealer, meeting the needs of surfers who prefer to see and touch products before purchasing.

stockinstore welcomes Global Surf Industries (GSI) to the stockinstore family powering Find in Store for Wholesalers and Store Locator solutions.

Not only will our Find in Store and Store Locator solutions support their valued network of dealers, but also substantially reduce customer service inquiries relating to stock availability. This combination leads to an enhanced online shopping experience and conversion rates, making Global Surf Industries even more accessible to their loyal customer base.

This partnership goes beyond just supporting the brand’s customers; it’s an opportunity to support their dedicated sales representatives and loyal stockists.

By seamlessly integrating omnichannel solutions, we aim to enhance the overall experience for every stakeholder involved.

stockinstore welcomes Global Surf Industries (GSI) to the stockinstore family powering Find in Store for Wholesalers and Store Locator solutions.

Elevate your omnichannel solutions in 2024

Join our growing list of leading brands powering our award-winning solution suite.

Life is Better When You Surf

As their motto goes, life is better when you surf. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie ready to catch your first wave, head over to your nearest stockist to snag your next board.

It’s now easier than ever to find the perfect gear, ensuring that the stoke of surfing is accessible to all.

Check out the store locator.

A heartfelt shoutout to the visionaries behind Global Surf Industries— Mark and Tess Kelly, and the entire GSI crew. Riding this wave of innovation with you is an absolute blast, and we’re excited for the journey ahead.