stockinstore, the only find in store stock availability solution for franchise retailers INTERSPORT Australia has selected stockinstore® as its stock availability solution provider for its 64 franchise stores located in regional, rural and metropolitan Australia.

Thanks to stockinstore®, customers across Australia can simply and easily check stock availability before heading in-store to try before they buy.

Using omni-channel solutions to meet the needs of customers

Sven Karlsson, INTERSPORT Australia General Manager, said stockinstore® was an integral part of their omni channel strategy, allowing them to better meet the needs of their customers. “We chose stockinstore® because it was the only solution with the flexibility to handle the complexities of stock availability across a franchise group. We know customers do their research online first, then walk into store to try on products before making a final purchase decision,” said Sven. “stockinstore® is increasing foot traffic into our local stores and improving our ability to convert shoppers into customers in store.”

stockinstore® co-founder & CEO Andrew Maver said they were excited by the challenge of working with INTERSPORT. “As a large multi-branded franchise retailer of 45 franchisees represented by over 64 stores, INTERSPORT have complex stock management,” said Andrew.

A Retail Express integration

“We knew stock management within a franchise group was the key issue. Within a few weeks, we integrated stockinstore® with Retail Express, their cloud-based POS and the INTERSPORT Australia website.”

INTERSPORT use their website to tell their customers what products are available in store. Different sized stores carry different ranges and products, so stockinstore® reduces customer disappointment because customers know what stock availability is in stores nearby.

And it’s working, “almost 20% of all customers viewing our website are using stockinstore® which is great feedback but what’s more important is the feedback from INTERSPORT stores who are noticing customers are walking into store or contacting them directly after using stockinstore®,” said Kevin O’Hanlon, INTERSPORT Australia’s CEO. “This is a great outcome for everyone but especially our customers.”

Perfect for franchises with complex stock management

For Kevin using stockinstore® made sense. “stockinstore® keeps our customers engaged with their local store via our website,” said Kevin. “It’s an affordable and easy to install solution for franchise retailers who have complex stock management issues. And that’s great for our business, both in-store and online.”

To learn more about stockinstore™ and how it can increase your online and instore sales, visit

INTERSPORT joins a growing number of retailers of all sizes choosing stockinstore® including Kookai, GUESS, Tentworld and Bags to Go.

About stockinstore® 

stockinstore® was launched in 2016 as a way for retailers to tell online shoppers which stores nearby have the item they’re looking for. Since its launch, this ground-breaking technology has continued to bridge the gap between online and in-store, allowing retailers to keep up with consumer demands, without losing sales.


INTERSPORT GmbH is an international sporting goods retailer based in Bern, Switzerland. INTERSPORT and it’s purchasing division, Intersport International Corporation (IIC) is the world’s largest sports retailer with over 5,500 stores across 44 countries. The Australian business, INTERSPORT Australia commenced trading on 1 July 2014 with 37 stores and has grown to well over 60 stores. Australian stores are locally owned and operated, allowing the stores to be highly invested in grassroots and community sports.

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stockinstore, the only find in store stock availability solution for franchise retailers