iOS bug: stockinstore™ disabled on all iOS devices

Today we had to take the extraordinary step of disabling the stockinstore™ button from appearing on all iOS devices.

We don’t take this course of action lightly and we wanted to explain why we’ve made this change.
Apple introduced a bug in iOS 11 which significantly impacts the customer experience when using stockinstore™.

Whenever an input field is positioned within a fixed element, AND a user clicks that input field e.g. stockinstore™ address location field, the iOS software is not sending an updated position of the fields when the keyboard appears. This means we do not know the new positions for any elements which causes everything to be misaligned and clickable items to not work correctly.

Lots of developers around the world are having the same issue AND Apple have not offered a real fix or an effective workaround has been found. They do not advise when a fix will be implemented and do NOT advise what is included in any patches. This means there is no way to advise on a fix. As a result, we felt it best to take this action.

All other operating systems, on all devices are working perfectly.

This fix has been tested and deployed today. If you review your website please remember to clear your browser cache.

Webkit forum official thread on the issue:

We will keep everyone posted when Apple resolve this issue.