Today we pushed some updates to the stockinstore widget across all clients.

1. View map Icon within widget

On mobile and tablet devices, we added a Map icon and we moved the View Map and distance to store measurement to the right hand side of the widget for each store. This allows people to quickly select the icon and open up their Maps application or browser.

2. Update the View Map Link for better store location accuracy

We updated the View Map link on the widget to provide better store location accuracy.

If your store is registered with either Google My Business (Android or non-Apple device) &/or Yelp (apple devices), your store will display with the store name instead of just the store’s Longitude and Latitude.

IMPORTANT: Incorrect or inaccurate store locations will need to manually updated in the stockinstore Administration area.

3. Fix opening Map within new window disappearing (iOS devices using Chrome only)

Google made a recent update to Chrome which impacted iOS devices, where the View Map new window was being automatically hidden. This has been updated to stop the new window from being automatically hidden/removed.

4. Store Longitude and Latitude fields

The Add/Edit Store page in stockinstore Administration area is now displaying the Longitude and Latitude fields

5. Update the “Use Map To Locate” functionality to ONLY update the Longitude and Latitude fields

Previously. the “Use Map To Locate” button updated the first address line of a store’s address when it moved. This no longer changes the address and only updates the Longitude and Latitude fields.