Today we pushed the following updates to the stockinstore widget across all clients.

New Features

1. Holiday Trading Hours (Ref # 114502)

Functionality to allow retailers merchants to set Holiday/Custom Trading Hours is now in production, however, the stockinstore admin area was not intuitive and is being re-worked. As a result, we have generated a Holiday Hours Excel template for each stockinstore client.

2. Add new method of sending GA events using GTAG

  • When only GTAG is used on a site, clients were unable to receive any stockinstore events to their Google Analytics account.
  • We created a new asset Google UA Account Number and Trace Page View in the admin.
  • Clients can provide an account number for stockinstore to use and create a sisClientTracker for sending to Google Analytics events.
  • Updated the Core JS to accommodate detecting GTAG on the page.

3. New Detailed Stock Import Report by Store (Ref # 109729)

Added a new stock import report which provides a breakdown of the number of records by store. Included the ability to export report the data.

4. Require JS Framework Compatibility (Ref # 114766)

  • Add Compatibility to SIS for website using Require JS Framework to Load Assets.
  • Detect if Require JS is being used then load the handlebars framework using Require JS method.

Bug Fixes

1. Delta Imports (Ref #114403) 

Fixed error where some delta updates are behaving like full updates and zeroing missing SKUs.

2. Report Sorting (Ref #108223) 

  • Sort function of “Searches” in reporting is sorting based on Text value instead of numeric value.
  • Updated the code to include a “header” element, containing the titles and data types for each column.

3. Onboarding Login Process Issues (Ref #107621)

Fixed issue where the URL in the onboarding Welcome emails pointed back to the site it was generated from instead of the clients new stockinstore instance.

Notification Emails

Add Customer’s Site Name to Email Subject Line (Ref # 114062)

Added the client’s site name to the front of the email subject to make it more recognisable/distinguishable.