This news is almost as exciting as landing a 360… Click & Collect and Find in Store are now live on Scooter Hut! Just in time for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, we are stoked to be their omnichannel solution partner! 

It’s not a secret that most retailers get their highest website and in-store traffic during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, with heavily discounted items offered to entice shoppers –  for some individuals it is typical to hold out from shopping in general and wait for the potential savings to be gained from this weekend. 

About Scooter Hut 

For almost a decade, the trusted freestyle scooter provider has grown to 12 physical locations across Australia offering high-quality Australian & Global brands that have been tried and tested by their expert team. The retailer prides itself with their expert knowledge in the industry backed with extensive positive customer reviews.

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The Challenge

The now globally adopted shopping holiday Black Friday was historically marked as the biggest shopping event in the United States and the day that retail establishments prepared for the upcoming Christmas season. In recent years, retailers have taken advantage of the shopping season, and the rise of eCommerce transitioned into the retail event we refer to as Cyber Monday. Whilst having promotions and discounts throughout the weekend is a non-negotiable, it is vital for retailers to have a strong omnichannel strategy in place for this upcoming weekend.   With high ticket items, Scooter Hut know that customers want to go in-store to touch, feel and test products before making their final decision. Scooter Hut understood they needed a solution that allowed customers to still be able to browse online yet have the peace of mind that the product they are interested in is in their store of choice. 

Offering both Click & Collect and Find in Store solutions gives their customers the freedom of choice as to whether they want to buy online and pick up in store to ensure the product is waiting for them when they arrive in-store. As an alternative, consumers can visit the store to personally browse the items they are aware are in stock before making a final choice. This Black Friday weekend, having the Click & Collect option for shoppers is a game-changer as it gives their anxious customers the assurance that they have acquired a product and are able to collect the item as soon as possible.

Scooter Hut gains new tricks

With the retail holiday season quickly approaching, Scooter Hut needed solutions that were fast to implement, flexible, affordable and scalable. Scooter Hut now enters the busy Christmas trading season confidently with:

  • An Intuitive customer shopping experience
  • No disruption to existing systems and processes
  • A Store Collection manager that can be used by any new staff including Christmas casuals

stockinstore’s Click & Collect and Find in Store solutions paired with Scooter Hut’s world famous customer service strengthens their omnichannel position by connect their online and physical stores – ultimately creating a seamless shopping experience across different channels.

Congrats to Cindy Winter, Trent Disney and the team. It’s a pleasure working with you.