On 27 September 2016, stockinstore updated all clients sites to the latest version v1.04.
The release notes for this update are outlined below.

stockinstore™ Widget

1. Dynamic Stock Management Algorithm
stockinstore™ now has the ability to predict the availability of any item in any store using its proprietary algorithm. This is a great way for large retailers to manage lots of different types of products for stores of different sizes. stockinstore™ customers can use threshold for different stores and different SKUs to set the availability status but for businesses with a wide range of products like department stores, our algorithm takes all the headaches out of the process.

2. Button Load Time
Significant performance improvements have been made to the load time of the stockinstore™ button.
This has been achieved through minification.
The button must wait for the rest of the product page to load so the stockinstore™ button is placed in the correct location on the page.


1. Site Name in Meta Title of Administration Area
The Administration area now includes the stockinstore site name in the Meta Title. This can now be used as the bookmark reference.

2. Settings
Renamed the “General” tab in Widget settings to “Configuration”

3. Dashboard
Cosmetic change to the Imports graph displayed on the dashboard when the customer logs in.
Included a better method for displaying the date on X axis of the Imports graph.


1. Dashboard graph
Fixed a bug with dashboard charts not always refreshing correctly.

2. Help icons
Fixed a bug which appended an ‘!’ to tool tips.