Q: Why do we need stockinstore™?

A: Getting the right product in front of the right customer at the right time is the key to success. It’s also not easy. With stockinstore™, you can let your customers know what store to go to. In other words, you can convert online browsing into sales in physical stores.

Q: We don’t know exactly how many units are in our stores. Will stockinstoreTM help?

A: Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Almost every retailer has stock integrity issues. It’s certainly not easy keeping track of everything! We’ve created two solutions to overcome this.

1) A threshold system customisable by Store and by individual SKU

2) An accurate algorithm that predicts availability.

Q: What if our web developers are really busy and can’t do the integration?

A: No stress! We do the integration, not your developers. stockinstore™ was designed so you only have to add six lines of code to your website’s product page. We handle the rest!

Q: What if our web agency has already built a tool like stockinstore™?

A: Other solutions are built to show customers if items are available or unavailable, which usually isn’t enough and can often result in lost sales. stockinstore™ was designed to increase sales online and in-store by giving customers more transparency.

Q: What if we already have Click & Collect?

A: Click & Collect  (C&C) customers have to wait for C&C deliveries, which costs you money to manage. Plus C&C can’t be used during busy sale/promotional periods.  stockinstore™ fulfils your customers’ need for immediate gratification. It requires no changes to business processes and is used 5 times more during sales and big promotions.

Q: Can you integrate with my old and outdated Point of Sale (POS) system and Web platform?

A: stockinstore™ was designed to work with every eCommerce, Point of Sale or ERP system. Our mission is for stockinstore™ to be accessible and easy for everyone.

Q: We only have a few stores. Why would we need stockinstore™?

A: Any retailer with an online store and at least one (1) bricks and mortar store will benefit from stockinstore™. However small you are, you still get customers who walk in looking for an item they’ve seen online, only to discover it’s unavailable or sold out.

Q: What if our in-house team can build this for us?

A: Why build it yourself when there’s already a ready-made solution that can do it for you in just two weeks or less? stockinstore™ saves you time, cash and resources better spent on other projects in your roadmap. We’ve already spent thousands of hours assessing the problem and perfecting a solution to overcome retail challenges and convert sales more often.

Q: What’s your idea of a happy retail ending?

A: When anyone, anywhere can use stockinstore to find any item in store – and live happily ever after.