Adairs launches stockinstore and their Linen Lovers Love it

Customers of Adairs, Australia’s largest homewares retailer, now have visibility into product availability across its 157 Australian stores thanks to stockinstore®.

According to Andrew Maver, CEO & co-founder of stockinstore®, there was an immediate response from Adairs’s customers. “The moment stockinstore® was available on the Adairs website, we saw instant adoption,” said Andrew.

“Customers wanted to know what was available to buy in a store nearby. At 7:30am on a Saturday morning there were lots of customers using stockinstore® to help them plan their weekend shopping.”

At the recent Adairs AGM, CEO Mark Ronan said in the Adairs 2018 Annual Report “…. online is much more than online sales generation, it is an integral component of our business and a key engagement point with our customers. Our data demonstrates that many of our customers use the online environment to research, co-ordinate, seek inspiration, compare, communicate and shop with us across both our store and online channels. We remain committed to delivering a seamless and flexible customer experience regardless of how, when and where our customers choose to shop with us.”

stockinstore® delivers on that promise by allowing Adairs customers to see what is and is not available in stores nearby.

Launched just in time for their Linen Lovers event, Adairs expected people to jump online to find out what was available in a store nearby, and they did.

Like all retailers, the challenge is you can’t stock every product, in every store. “With stockinstore® Adairs can give customers the information they need to find the products that are available near them,” says Andrew. “What we see is that if/when an item a customer is looking for, isn’t available in store, but is available online, they buy it. That’s why we see online conversion rates improve so significantly when stockinstore is added to our clients’ sites.”

stockinstore‘s reporting suite is also providing Adairs with insights into their customers’ demand by SKU across the entire store network, which is shared with Planners, Merchandisers & Allocation Analysts. Adairs can also expect significant reduction in the number of calls and emails that come into our customer service centre.

About stockinstore®

stockinstore® was launched in 2016 as a way for retailers to tell online shoppers which stores nearby have the item they’re looking for. Since its launch, this ground-breaking technology has continued to bridge the gap between online and in-store, allowing retailers to keep up with consumer demands, without losing sales. To learn more about stockinstore and join a growing list of retailers like Adairs, Kookai, Surf Dive n Ski, GUESS, Amazon Surf NZ and Tentword, who are using stockinstore to improve their retail businesses by increasing online and instore sales, visit

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