On Monday 2 May 2016, Bags to Go launched the stockinstore feature on their website.

Bags To Go installed stockinstore to give their customers a choice of how they shopped with the brand. They wanted to make it more convenient to shop across all channels and save their customers’ time to browse online and find it in store.

stockinstore was integrated with eCommerce platform X-Cart and Point of Sale platform, Retail Express.

We have had a significant increase in our conversion rates and our ROI was achieved in less than 1 day. We couldn’t be happier. said Michael Keogh, co-owner of Bags To Go.

What’s great is that there was no change to their business processes when the system went live. said Andrew Maver, co-founder of stockinstore. They recently added a new store in Bondi which took less than 5 minutes to setup and the stock levels for the new store were available to their customers in the next update. It was seamless for everyone involved.

In 2004, Bags To Go started with a single store and have grown to 14 physical stores across Australia. View the Bags to Go implementation at bagstogo.com.au

stockinstore is an omni-channel retail solution which provides Click & Collect capabilities for a fraction of the cost and can be implemented in just 2 weeks. The solution addresses the 3 biggest issues faced by omni channel retailers.

1. Customer expectation versus profitability: In the luggage retail space, there are lower margins so showing the customer what’s available in store gives them a reason to walk into their nearest Bags To Go store. This means they go to the right store or buy the item online. It also means retailers don’t have to  paying for moving stock around.

2. Inventory visibility: It’s so important to customers to know what is available in the stores. Setting customers’ expectations by giving them information about what is available both online and in stores.

3. Supply chain complexity: By using stockinstore, Bags To Go have kept it simple. Stores take calls directly from customers who are browsing online. They will put aside an item according to our standard policy. Nothing changes for the stores or for the customers.

The Results:

  • conversion rates improve when stockinstore is used
  • More than 5% usage rate
  • Increased customer engagement rates
  • Provided options for purchase when sold out instore or online