We’re thrilled to share the launch of Ship from Store, Find in Store, and Store Locator on the brand new Compleat Angler website. 🎣⛺️

Compleat Angler’s Humble Beginnings

Compleat Angler began their journey nearly 50 years ago, when a group of committed fishermen got together with the aim of establishing a business where their combined buying power would give them an edge over other independent fishing and tackle retailers.

Compleat Angler, alongside Camping World, Nitro, and Yakamito, are proud members of the Associated Retail Limited (ARL) Group. Today, it has transformed into a one-stop-shop for outdoor enthusiasts, evolving well beyond its origins in fishing.

Operating under a franchise/member-based business model, Compleat Angler provides opportunities for independent outdoor and fishing businesses to join the existing 38+ members throughout Australia.

Building from Scratch: A Year-Long Adventure

Instead of having four separate websites, ARL set out to build one website including all four brands, a one-stop-shop for outdoor gear enthusiasts. Compleat Angler, Camping World, Nitro, and Yakamito casting their lines together – all under the one roof.

Recognising the need for a seamless customer experience between online and in-store, Compleat Angler turned to stockinstore for omnichannel solutions. stockinstore is now the driving force behind Ship from Store, Find in Store, and Store Locator.

Ship from Store

By leveraging Compleat Angler’s network of franchise stores, our Ship from Store solution allows online orders to be fulfilled and dispatched directly from the customer’s nearest physical store – significantly reducing delivery times.

Member stores are now also seeing online as an additional revenue steam by continuously fulfilling online orders.

Complete Angler joins stockinstore list of leading retailers launching Ship from Store, Store Locator and Find in Store.
Complete Angler joins stockinstore list of leading retailers launching Ship from Store, Store Locator and Find in Store.
Find in Store

Our Find in Store solution shows online shoppers product availability at their nearest physical store. With our solution, Compleat Angler can effectively manage customer expectations by reducing out-of-stock experiences and drive online browsers into member stores.

Store Locator

The Store Locator solution empowers Compleat Angler’s customers to effortlessly locate their nearest physical store. This user-friendly feature is fully customisable, seamlessly integrating with all of Compleat Angler’s brand and styling.

Complete Angler joins stockinstore list of leading retailers launching Ship from Store, Store Locator and Find in Store.

Connecting Omnichannel Solutions for Business Growth

It was no secret that implementing omnichannel solutions for Compleat Angler was going to be a daunting challenge. For us at stockinstore, this project goes beyond delivering tailored solutions. It’s all about nurturing and expanding Compleat Angler as a business. Being in their early stages of establishing an online presence, stockinstore’s omnichannel solutions serve as a way to bring their franchise network together. Similar to how Toyworld, Sportspower, and Sportsfirst took their initial strides with stockinstore, Compleat Angler is following a similar trajectory.

stockinstore's support has played a pivotal role in assisting member stores in providing substantial value to the brand. We want to grow Compleat Angler's national presence without the necessity for a complete overhaul of the tech infrastructure.

The launch of stockinstore’s solutions has seen positive feedback from the Compleat Angler team. There’s no doubt that a growing sense of excitement is felt throughout the business, confident that the new additions will be a valuable asset for both customers and franchise members.

Congrats to the team at Compleat Angler for getting this across the line! We are incredibly proud to be working with you.

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