How many sales you are losing in store?

stockinstore Lost Sales Report for Merchandise Planners Allocation Analysts Buyers Operations Manager E-Commerce ManagersToday stockinstore released THE MOST incredible report for retailers. The LOST SALES REPORT.

Yes, we can show you in REAL-TIME what sales you’re missing out on because you don’t have products available in the stores where and when your customers are looking for them.

It’s Revolutionary…. This report won’t exist anywhere else within your organisation. Not with Google Analytics, your ERP, your POS, Inventory System or any other program you might access on a day to day basis.

That’s why Merchandise Planners, Allocation Analysts, Buyers, Operations and e-Commerce Managers are excited to use our platform.

It’s absolutely mind-blowing.

If you have ever wondered how many sales you’re losing between online and stores Get stockinstore and dont wonder anymore. The Lost sales report can tell you exactly what you’re missing out on so you can take action and get stock into those stores fast.

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