During July 2018, stockinstore® made a number of updates to stockinstore. The release notes are outlined below.


1. Store Trading Open/Closed Status (Ref # 104958)

Added a new property for Timezone to assign to each store. Timezone property being used to determine if the store is currently Open or Closed which is displayed to customers when using the stockinstore widget.

2. Current Location Update (Ref # 103725)

Change the “My Location” icon behaviour to check if a website is secure (https) before showing. If the site is not https mode (secure) hide the “My  Location” button.  The functionality is consistent across all browsers but currently the icon is being hidden on Chrome only.

3. Reporting

  1. Added Add avg # UPIs per store to stock report (Ref # 110630)
  2. General formatting changes to Titles, Headings, etc. Ref # 110899)
  3. Displaying customer product image to use in stockinstore reports (Ref # 110660)
  4. Make filter input field smaller on reports (Ref # 110918)
  5. Provide checkbox to Hide/Show product images in reports (Ref # 110896)
  6. Reduce row height on tables with images (Ref # 110894)
  7. Change report tables to use window scrollbar (Ref # 110895)
  8. Reporting options for sites without styles (Ref # 110835)
    • Hide the stock by style report when a site doesn’t have styles.
    • Use UPI # instead of Stock # on the Marketing Effectiveness report when sites do not have styles

4. Bugs

  1. PHP timezone calculation fault (Ref # 111042 & 110662): PHP timezone function has a bug which returns a blank for many valid timezones when using the by seconds offset from UTC calculation method e.g. Australia/Adelaide. Removed code to calculate timezoneOffsetMinutes and using timezone returned by other paid services including multiple fallback options.
  2. Table columns on reports misaligned (Ref # 110893)


1. Trapping all currently untrapped errors (Ref # 110858)

Implement a method for identifying trapping major errors across the whole stockinstore application. Includes adding an event log & logging events. Any critical events, like a 500 error, sends an exception email with full details of the error for faster resolution.

2. Add metrics to the Stock Import Report (Ref # 110724)

  • # Active Stores
  • # Active and Import stores
  • # Stores in Stock Import Data
  • Highest Store Name
  • Highest Store Amount
  • Lowest Store Name
  • Lowest Store Amount

3. Redundant stock being sent (Ref # 104541)

Display total # of SKUs being processed in Stock Import Summary report to allow retailers to see if they are sending us redundant stock on hand data.