Today we pushed the following updates to the stockinstore widget across all clients.

New Features

GMC & GLIA Integration

stockinstore now has the ability to integrate with Google Merchant Center. The integration populates the stockinstore Products table using a retailer’s data. The integration allows stockinstore to export/push data from stockinstore to GLIA via API using the Google Merchant Center product ID/UPI e.g. UPI, Product name, Description, Variations, ImageUrl and Stock Availability

This enhancement and integration requires the merchant to give the stockinstore service permission/access to the Google Developer Console.


1. Design and add API usage logging (Ref # 108295)

Design and setup logging on the stockinstore API so requests are included in the stockinstore reporting suite.

2. Add logError ajax call (Ref # 111275)

Add a new ajax logError call to the error logging system so front end errors can be reported in the same way as backend.

Administration Area

1. My Profile Page Styling (Ref #104555)

Order of Fields: As per mocks: FNAME, LNAME before Username & Password
Change Password: Enter a input box fill with ******** as per mock. Users must use Change Password function and may not edit password on this page.

2. My Site Page Styling (Ref #111773)

  • Style the My Site/Edit site form according to the mock.
  • Move upload logo out of site settings to be a widget asset property
  • Page Heading says “EDIT SITE” instead of “MY SITE”

3. Store Page Styling (Ref #104550)

  • Style the store details/admin edit stores page according to the mock
  • Default sort order of stores summary page in admin changed to Store name instead of Store Code/ID


Allow stock imports from multiple systems  (Ref # 111772)

  • Added functionality which allow stockinstore to receive stock from multiple Point of Sale (POS) sources to the same table.
  • The POS systems can use a mix of transfer methods as well.
  • For example: POS provider #1 has an API but POS Provider #2 can only transfer files using CSV & FTP.