A more accurate 'where to buy' for manufacturers & wholesalers

A more accurate 'where to buy' for manufacturers & wholesalers

stockinstore is thrilled to announce a game-changing find in store / where to buy solution for wholesalers and manufacturers.

This award winning technology reduces customer frustration, and our unique reporting suite helps businesses grow their revenue and reach.

The challenge

When consumers visit a manufacturer’s or wholesaler’s website, they typically want to find a retail store who stocks the item they’re interested in.

The shopper goes to the stockists page which lists every stockist but not the availability of the item they’re looking for.

Up to now, showing consumers stock availability in retail stores has not been possible due to a lack of visibility of store stock and sell through rates in retail stores.

stockinstore has developed a solution to address these challenges so that manufacturers and wholesalers can provide a better brand experience for their consumers.

stockist challenge

stockinstore has a better way

There Must Be A Better Way

stockinstore’s find in store solution for wholesalers and manufacturers is designed to tell shoppers specifically which retailer(s) actually stock the item they’re interested in.

More importantly, we show them specifically which retailers not to contact because they’ve never stocked the item they’re looking for.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well it should be but it isn’t.

  • Works with all ERP and eCommerce platforms
  • Setup in 2 to 4 weeks
  • Less than 1 hour of your Web Dev’s time
  • Set & forget service
  • ROI in 1 week

Top benefits for manufacturers & wholesalers

1Don’t waste customers time calling retailers who haven’t bought that specific product.
This reduces customer service enquiries too.
2Use the reporting suite to show retailers what products/sales they’ve missed.
Increase revenue by growing sales with existing stockists.
3Grow store network into areas with customer demand.
4User Flexibility: Customisable thresholds to set customer expectations.
5Marketing Effectiveness: Measure impact of campaigns on physical stores.

Integrates with all major platforms

stockinstore has been developed to integrate with all e-commerce platforms and POS systems. We are always adding more eCommerce platform providers, Point of Sale and ERP systems. If your system isn't listed, don't worry, we'll integrate as part of your setup at no extra cost.

eCommerce platforms

Point of sale & ERP systems


$2.00/mo per store*

volume pricing available


^Month to month agreements have a 90-day minimum termination notification period and incur a 15% surcharge on the monthly fee