nearest store edm widget

Show Shoppers Their Nearest Store In Emails

Bring customers to your stores/stockists by dynamically showing their nearest location in eDMs. Our Nearest Store eDM widget is designed to work in all emails, from newsletter sign-ups to order confirmations and abandoned cart eDMs.

Turn email opens into in-store visits

Turn email opens into in-store visits

Don’t just send an eDM. Get customers through the door with a customisable email widget that looks and feels on-brand.

Simple and quick to implement

The Nearest Store eDM widget is designed to be inserted into any eDM or HTML email. All you need to do is add our code snippet into your template, and stockinstore will do the rest.

Simple and quick to implement
Track and analyse performance

Track and Analyse Performance

Get more out of your eDMs with stockinstore’s custom reporting suite. Access plenty of customer insights, from geolocation to store clicks, and more.

Why retailers love stockinstore's
Nearest Store eDM widget

With the Nearest Store eDM widget, you’ll have everything  you need to convert email clicks into in-store conversions.

Convenient shopping

Show customers their nearest store and drive more foot traffic.

No coding

Get a code snippet that works with any eDM template or HTML email.

Fully customisable

Stay on-brand with custom colours and fonts.

Dynamic locations

Store locations update when your customer moves around and re-opens your eDM.

Links to maps

Customers simply click on the widget to go to Maps and get store directions. No typing needed.

Logging and reporting

Analyse email and widget performance with built-in reporting.

Multiple formatting options

Show your store details, map view, or combination of both.

Contact details

Make it easier for customers to get in touch with your stores.

Integrates with all major platforms

Our solutions have been developed to integrate with all leading e-Commerce platforms and POS/ERP systems. Don’t see yours on the list? Don’t worry – we’ll integrate for free as part of your setup.

How it looks

See The Nearest Store eDM Widget in action

Take a look at how Find in Store helps retailers bring more customers into their shopfront.

How to looks EDM
Nearest to Store visual example


We get how important branding is, that’s why we’ve made it customisable to suite your brand guidelines.

No, our ‘Nearest eDM widget’ shows nearest stores only. However, if you are keen to show your customers what closest store has the product they are after, check out our award-winning ‘Find in Store‘ solution.

Absolutely! We’d need store information, but other than that it would be straight forward to use this technology.

It’s a cost ‘per thousands of impressions’. Set up is FREE. Say hi here to find out more.

Fast. Flexible. Affordable. Scalable.

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