GUESS Australia increase revenue by $400,000 in 12 months with stockinstore
How stockinstore® helped GUESS Australia increase revenue by $400,000 in 12 months and still helped drive traffic into stores

The challenge

GUESS Australia approached stockinstore® after suspecting their customers were browsing online, walking into one of their stores, but leaving disappointed because they had sold out of the item they were looking at online. In a fast-fashion business like GUESS Australia, the challenge was to develop a solution which would provide their customers with a real-time view of product availability throughout their stores network without adversely impacting sales performance online. Cost and development times were key limiting factors, especially when trying to integrate their Point of Sale system into their proprietary eCommerce platform. It meant the solution needed to be flexible enough to adapt to different store formats and structures across a wide range of departments with ever-evolving product lines

The solution

stockinstore® tells online window shoppers which stores nearby have the item they’re looking for. We installed stockinstore® on GUESS Australia’s system within two weeks, which allows their customers to find the products they want online and then see which stores nearby has the product in stock.

The results

  • Increase in online conversion rate to 7.5% when stockinstore® is used, far more than any other application on the GUESS website
  • 305% increase in customer engagement rates on their site when stockinstore® is used.
  • Significantly reduce exit rates on product pages.
  • The ability to see results in conversion and usage metrics by device in Google Analytics.
  • The power to justify marketing expenditure by running reports which show the customer demand for products.
  • The ability to provide planners with reports to help them allocate products to the stores with highest customer demand.
  • GUESS Australia no longer spends IT resource time or money on constant updates for store stock visibility online.
  • Guess Australia has the ability to control its branding imagery in stockinstore®.
  • stockinstore® helped bridge the gap between online and bricks and mortar stores.
  • stockinstore® helped GUESS Australia increase its revenue by $95,400 last quarter.

What Guess Australia had to say

stockinstore® integrated with our system quickly and easily and has helped reduce our customer service enquiries relating to stock availability. It has been a seamless solution and we love how easy it is to use because we let our customers know exactly where to find the items they want. If an item is not available in a store nearby, they buy it online. It’s superior to any in-house solution we’ve tried to develop and use. The fact that we can go into the solution regularly to view data, and not impact the technology is priceless.

One of the best parts about implementing stockinstore® has been bridging the gap between the attitudes of the bricks and mortar and online stores. The perception change in stores has been worth its weight in gold. Dealing with stockinstore® has been a professional, honest, transparent, caring and reliable experience. It’s easy to implement, financially viable and has significantly improved our conversion rates. On top of that, there is no contractual commitment. I would recommend stockinstore® to other retailers in a heartbeat. It’s a no-brainer!

Stuart Kegg

CIO GUESS Australia