On Thursday 21 November, we updated stockinstore® allowing people do international location searches. If they are in a country where you don’t have stores, they can now look up a Suburb/Region or Zip/Post Code to check in store availability in a country where you do have stores.

This change has been be implemented across all stockinstore® instances.

Previously, if you were located in New Zealand and wanted to check the availability of a product in an Australian store, stockinstore would know you were in New Zealand and only allow you to enter a Suburb or Postcode in New Zealand. You couldn’t enter an Australian suburb or postcode.

Our new location search provides customers with:

  • A flag to symbolise which Country we detect they’re in
  • A flag for every Country where you have physical stores located
  • In the search lookup field, provides users with a list of locations, sourced from Google

If no stores are found within the user’s detected Country, we will prompt them to change their Country where you have stores located.


  1. If you don’t see the drop down list of addresses, then your Google Places API Key hasnt been setup . If you need help setting up your Google Places API key, you can download instructions for Assisted Setup or Self Setup.
  2. The Use My Current Location field hasn’t changed and continues to auto detect a person’s location.
  3. This change has been be implemented across all stockinstore® instances.

stockinstore's find in store solution now allows people do international location searches