Meet the retail revolutionaries

With over 15 years experience driving sales online and in bricks-and-mortar stores for some of the biggest brands in Australia and around the world, we like to think that we know a thing or two about what customers want when it comes to their shopping experience. That’s why we started stockinstore®. Our ground-breaking technology lets customers see the stock in your stores in real time, so they can visit the store closest to them. We started in 2016 in Melbourne, Australia, and we’re now a world-class team made up of innovators from all over the world. Every day we continue to bridge the gap between online and in-store, allowing you to keep up with consumer demands and not lose sales.


Known for his infectious laugh, you always know when Andrew’s in the building. A man of many talents and master of most, he’s got unlimited amounts of energy and passion, is always working on strategies to drive client success and truly believes in everything he sells. He knows everything there is to know about eCommerce: from online, to in-store, backend to frontend to systems and processes to marketing, and even art direction (well, he likes to think so). But his most important job? Being Jerry’s dad, of course.


Known as the ‘Eye in the Sky’, Gil heads up all things creative, UX & QA. It’s fair to say that retail is in the blood With 7 years working in-store followed by over 20 years experience in eCommerce. Gil’s worked across a range of areas including strategy, marketing and of course design, with a strong focus on retailers’ brand and customer experience. Let’s face it, Gil is a little obsessed with attention to detail and with making sure everything is pixel perfect, and that’s what the developers love about him… Well maybe not the developers.


Otherwise known as our in-house fashionista, Bec is always dressed to impress – except on days when Jerry’s in (slobber on Vivienne Westwood is not a good look). She’s our group marketing manager and excels in all things strategy, project management and ideas. She loves a good game of ping pong and lives by the mantra that honesty in the best policy. If she’s not happy with something, she’ll tell you straight to your face (time and time again until you change it).


A-boss or just Abe is the middle-man between management and developers. He translates business into tech talk and is a man of many talents. He’s an exceptional front end developer with great design and UX skills. But don’t tell him we told you that, we don’t want him to get a big head.


We call him ‘The Professor’. He is as humble as he is brilliant. No Javascript challenge is too great for this genius, and he always delivers with no fuss and a quiet nod. A man of few words, when he talks, we listen.


Rad is simply put, Rad. As our lead developer, Rad is typically allocated the biggest, gnarliest, most difficult jobs. She’s the flower amongst the thorns (of developers) and brings style, grace and class to the development team. Rad just had another baby boy (she seems to be surrounded by men), but she’s definitely the woman in charge.


Meet El-Guru. We’ve stopped asking questions or looking quizzically at each other whenever Mike does something quirky. He’s our technical architect, developer, hosting & security expert, project manager and let’s not forget film director and producer. A man of detail, no challenge is too grand. Lucky he does more research and undertakes more professional development than the rest of mankind.


Otherwise known as Mr. Reliable. Nothing he touches ever goes wrong or breaks. He thinks of everything and has the answers to the questions we haven’t thought to ask yet. If we had a dollar for the amount of times the phrase “thank god for Pan” has been said in the office…


There’s always someone who loves numbers and spreadsheets. Costs, revenue, profits, tax, payroll, and cash flow are all swirling around Donna’s head on a daily basis. Look out if something is missing, doesn’t reconcile or is out of balance. Donna will pick up on it! She loves to share her bananas, apples, popcorn and anything else with Jerry and is widely known to be his ‘not so secret’ food source.


The hardest worker amongst us, well 2 days a week and only up until lunch-time, when he takes a 3-hour nap. Jerry is in charge of morale and loves to check the bins just in case. He’s obsessed with getting sneaky treats from ‘the weakest links’ (ahem… Donna & Bec), lying at your feet and greeting visitors on their arrival.

Our mission

We are making retail better by creating a world where every retailer can easily offer the best location based shopping.

Our values

We’re dedicated to helping retailers reach the top of their game. We sweat the small stuff. We communicate, good or bad, we’ll always keep you in the loop. We are entrepreneurial and always aim to improve. They say you’re only as good as your team. That’s why at stockinstore®, we’’re proud to be made up of an international team of experts, with vast industry experience in retail and technology.