Today we pushed the following stockinstore enhancements and bug fixes for all clients.


1. Enter multiple Styles/UPIs in filtered reports

  • Add ability to enter multiple Styles/UPIs in the filter on reports. We provide a list of all Styles/Product Codes and/or UPIs to select from, via integration.
  • Predictive text search filters this list as you type.
  • If the business only has UPIs and doesn’t have Style/Product codes then the label will change from ‘Group by Style’ to ‘Group by UPI’ for variation-less sites.
  • The default sort order has a parent of Style||UPI, Whichever is entered for the site.

2. Add Checkboxes for Store Position Returned in stockinstore reports

  • Some of our reports show the number of searches for products by store. This can be confusing because we track the 5 nearest stores to the customer.
  • Today we introduced checkboxes across the top of these reports which allows you to select how many stores to include in the report based on the Store Position (and distance from the customer).
  • Default setting: First 3 stores.

3. Formatting

Various formatting changes were made to some reports, including:

  • Fixed percentage rounding inconsistencies
  • Spacing & page styling
  • Report descriptions and explanations


Timezone Fallback Option

In some situations, the timezone function failed to return a result. This caused the widget to not produce a result for some customers in timezones on the half hour. We have introduced 2 fallback timezone services to ensure the customer always receives a result.

Bug Fixes

Import dropping records

In some instances where stock on hand was 0, it was discovered some records were being dropped during the import process. This was fixed and tested.