On 10 November 2016, stockinstore™ updated all clients sites to the latest version v1.05.
The release notes for this update are outlined below.

stockinstore™ Widget

1. Support for updates from different stores at different times 
We added the option to show customers the time of the last update by Store, i.e. same SKU with a different last update date/time.
Why did we make this change?

  1. Franchises: Typically have multiple POS systems and cannot provide a single data source for all stores at one time
  2. Concession Retailers with stores in Myer &/or David Jones may only process stock update once per day

In these circumstances, we can configure stockinstore™ to display a different date/time stamp for each store on the widget. This allows you to set your customer’s expectations in the event you

  • have stock on hand in multiple files,
  • have multiple POS systems in the business,
  • are transitioning between POS systems, and/or
  • require stockinstore™ to poll multiple systems

Administration Area

1. Threshold Settings
Finalised and exposed Threshold settings in the Administration area for customers to self-manage.

2. No Stores Returned Options
A number of configuration options were added to allow customers to decide what to do if/when a customer has no stores are returned within the range on the stockinstore™ widget. To access this go to: Settings > Widget Settings > Widget Stores Settings”

3. stockinstore™ button customisation
Added the ability to upload a custom image to display “Check Stock In Store” instead of using a CSS button.

4. Go Live/Publish Process
Redesigned the Go Live process to work more intuitively.
Previously customers were forced to Save change, Preview them, before being allowed to Publish any changes. These steps may have not have been very intuitive in the Administration area.

The process has been re-designed with the same 3 steps but customers can now choose how they make changes to the stockinstore™ widget.

  1. Save > Preview > Publish (original process)
  2. Save > Publish (without Previewing changes)
  3. Preview (includes Save) > Publish
  4. Publish (Saves changes & no previewing)

5. Reset to Default
We know people make mistakes, so we have added the ability to Reset any setting in the Administration area to either:

  • the Last Saved value or
  • to the system Default value

6. Google Maps API Update
Added the Google Maps API key field to the Administration area so customer can view / changes their API key. Unique Maps API keys was implemented in a previous stockinstore™ release as per Google’s announcement regarding Maps API changes but this change was to include the value in the Administration area.

7. Menus
Changed the administration menus to be cleaner and more logical.

Reporting & Analytics

Analytics Storage: In preparation for more cool reports in the next release, we have enhanced our internal analytics data storage methods.

Performed cosmetic updates and fixed a few minor bugs.