Retail CEO shares his thoughts and advice on implementing Click and Collect (C&C) and why post-lockdown consumer-behaviour will continue to look different.

The impact of the pandemic for retailers around the world has been disastrous but for Franco Godinich, CEO of Toyworld NZ and his members, a swift response and implementing an accelerated rollout of Click and Collect (C&C) turned the situation into a growth strategy for the franchise. “We’ve actually done Christmas numbers through March, April, May. It’s absolutely nuts!”

The brand had planned to implement C&C as part of its migration from Magento to Shopify in June/July 2020 because it had always been a long-term objective for the business.

Godinich never considered an in-house approach. “It was never our intention to try and do it in-house, purely because of the complexity of our member–business with multiple POS systems and integrations. It would have been a nightmare.”