Show customers your nearest store in emails & eDMs

stockinstore is all about making shopping more convenient. That’s why we developed the Nearest Store Widget.

Show customers their nearest store dynamically in your EDMs so the stores details continually update based on their location
  • Fully customisable for any brand
  • Shows the customer’s nearest store
  • Links to maps for directions to store
  • Can be added to any HTML email
  • No setup fee

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How it works

Designed to show your customers their nearest store location, the widget can be inserted into any eDM or HTML email. Think newsletter sign-ups, order confirmations, office emails. The list is endless. Help drive customers into your stores.

stockinstores nearest store widget doesn't require any setup. Simply insert a snippet of code into your EDM to show customers their nearest store

1. Add it to your eDM template,
2. Customers open your eDM,
3. We check their location & display their nearest store

Dynamically generate nearest store map and store details when customers open your E-DM

Customers who click on a store image, go directly to your store on Google/Apple Maps. No typing required.

Dynamically tell customers where there nearest store is when they open your E-DM

The world is mobile. Whenever a person moves and re-opens your eDM, we re-check their nearest store.

How it looks

Your nearest store images will be on brand because we have included lots of formatting options.

Change the look for different campaigns too. eDM images might be formatted differently to a Click & Collect confirmation email. Check out some examples below. It starts with unformatted store address and progresses to a styled combined address & map view.

Combined store details & map

Logging & reporting

Nothing is worth doing unless you can analyse performance

So you can see where your customers are browsing from when they open your eDMs, we track and report on:

  • The IP address of the location making the request
  • The postcode, store details returned to your customer
  • The campaign name, if you include campaign tracking
  • # Store Address impressions rendered
  • # Store Map impressions rendered
  • # Clicks on the Stores Address or Map to provide directions
see where your customers are browsing from when they open your EDMs and which store is closest to their location